By opting for the SAP ERP single-package solution with Avtenta, the company gets the following:

  • quick response to any questions and problems
  • capable and efficient support at home as well as in other countries
  • quick adjustability of the solution in line with the company’s growth and development
  • a large group of highly qualified, certified, and experienced experts available for help and advice
  • maintenance and constant support, consultancy
  • regular software upgrades
  • training for the key and end users of the SAP solution

SAP ERP single-package solutions are appropriate for both small and medium-sized companies, no matter their current information system.

They are transparent and predictable.


The packages differ according to the company size and the range of functionalities that the company chooses.


SAP ERP single-package solution for small and medium-sized business (SMBs)

SAP ERP single-package solutions provide our clients with a comprehensive business information system solution. The company can thus focus on its business while we ensure a smooth-running SAP ERP business information system.

Easy & quick implementation

The implementation of the solution is easy and quick, thus ensuring that the implementation project is carried out with a minimum of inconvenience to the client’s operation.

Standard processes 

Our range of single-package solutions for small and medium-sized business are standard, bringing together examples of good practice from a variety of fields. They can be adjusted in line with the company’s growth and development.

All the requisite software & hardware

As member of the Telekom Slovenije Group, we are able to offer our clients a comprehensive and high-quality information and communication infrastructure, which a company needs for smooth business operation. Furthermore, the entire infrastructure and backup system are based in Telekom’s data centres, considered to be the safest due to their high safety standards.

User support & assistance

As a company with 26 SAP advisers who are certified by SAP and have vast experience in SAP solutions, we offer quick, efficient, and stable support 24/7, as well as assistance and advisory services to our users. Owing to their continuous education, our advisers are always up to date with the latest technological solutions. They also follow the numerous changes to the legislation that might affect the implemented solution.


Low costs

Quick implementation of the standard SAP solution, a professional and experienced organisation for user assistance and support and Avtenta’s “SAP Gold” partner status also allow us to keep the costs of implementation and use of the solution attractively low.